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6 min readJul 22, 2021


It has been an action-packed couple of weeks here at MMACOIN and the honey badger is making some major progress on his quest to become the official cryptocurrency of MMA. Badger has been ground and pounding the Round 1 roadmap.

Before I get rolling on the updates, I wanted to say thanks to all of our new hodlers (aka holders) and all of our #TeamHoneyBadger supporters. We are now over 300 holders and our next goal is 500. A strong community is critical to our success and ours is getting stronger each day. Not going to lie, some of the conversations get wacky on our Telegram, but it’s all good.

Below you will find various updates on our progress:


We officially partnered with 100xCoin/KenTheCrypto for additional marketing/services, consultation/connections and a lifetime listing on 100xAltbase. We will be the 1st token they list (other than their own 100xCoin). Making it easy to buy $MMA is very important and being added will do just that. It removes a lot of steps from the current process and this will attract new buyers. Currently, the app is deployed on the google play store. Apple has provided specific feedback in order to get listed on their app store and the team is handling this quickly. 100xCoin has already started their marketing of 100xAltbase to some high-level publications and this will continue. They are even doing the Gary Vaynerchuk podcast. As part of this partnership, we have also gained membership into the BSC Alliance (aka, the SAFU tokens of the BSC).

Keith “KO Kid” Berry was announced as our 2nd sponsored fighter. Keith is a veteran MMA fighter, who fought for Bellator and is currently on a 2-fight win streak. He should be fighting again soon. Keith is a lover of crypto and MMA, which is the perfect combo for us. MMA + Crypto = MMACOIN! Keith is very active on socials and promotes us on a regular basis.

We welcomed our 3rd fighter, Nick Villar, to #TeamHoneyBadger. It was short notice to get our logo on his gear, but Nick did send out a video thanking MMACOIN for sponsorship after his fight. He had a tough fight at the Hard Rock Live, fighting at the BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series. Nick is one tough dude and we were proud to sponsor him.

Not only did we announce our 2nd and 3rd fighters, but we announced our 4th fighter too, Jorge Gonzalez. Jorge will be fighting July 23rd at BKFC19. BKFC has a large following and Jorge is fighting on the main card. He will be wearing the MMACOIN logo and we’ll be cheering for him! Jorge sent out a nice video about MMACOIN.

We have several more fighters lined up already. Keep an eye out for future announcements. We also submitted a proposal for an upcoming huge fight in August. This may be a tough one to get, but we’re going for it.

Programmatic Marketing

We continue to market via paid ads across social media. We continuously analyze the effectiveness of each ad and each platform. We are also looking into some other potential ad campaigns.

Organic Marketing

Garry Tonon kicked off a meme contest on his Instagram. There were many great submissions and Garry will have a tough time picking the winners. 1st prize is a $500 value, 2nd prize is a $250 value, and 3rd prize is $100 value. Winners will be announced soon.

An organic marketing team (aka shill team) was formed for $MMA and also across the various RBE tokens. We all help in getting the word out about our token(s). Our goal is to get this team to about 50 people. We are at 12 members right now.

We have developed a new strategy for all telegram marketers stalking us. We simply tell them to buy $MMA, then market the hell out of it.

We have very interesting ideas regarding our honey badger mascot, which we will talk more about in the future. I am very stoked about implementing these ideas.

Influencer Marketing

We engaged Pablo Crypto to produce and post a video on his YouTube channel.

Leo MoonShots created and posted a YouTube video on his channel, which we very much appreciated. It’s great to see people start to get excited about $MMA and recognize our huge potential.

There are a ton of fake youtubers out there, so we must vet the hell out of them. We’ll be lining up more, but they must be quality.

Ken the Crypto and I held an AMA on Ken’s YouTube channel where Ken asked me a variety of questions about MMACOIN. It was a great opportunity to spread MMACOIN awareness. At the end of the AMA, I shocked Ken and we both crème pied ourselves at the same time. I did this to help promote our partners’ token Crème Pie Swap and I also did this in the name of our honey badger, because honey badger don’t give a damn!

We will be exploring the possibility to get on various podcasts in the sports and finance industries to talk about how crypto is crossing over into various industries and of course to talk about MMACOIN.


We are doing extensive analysis regarding CEX listings. Prices have skyrocketed over the last 6 months. We think it’s important to get on a CEX, but it must be the right one, with the right value, and at the right time. Just hopping on any junk CEX is a bad idea. We will not just tick the CEX check box.

As previously stated, we will be listed on 100xAltbase on July 26th. This is going to be great for new buyers and outstanding exposure for our token. We will be front and center on the app.

When Pocket Swap (part of the Rocket Bunny Ecosystem) releases soon, we will be listing on their DEX.


We now have $1200 in our charity wallet. In the near future, Garry Tonon will be identifying the charity and we will be donating on his behalf. We will do this in person at the charity and plan to video as much as possible. Honey badger likes to help kids!!!!


An extensive, frontend and backend website analysis was performed to ensure: 1) our SEO is optimized, 2) we are engaging/converting our visitors once on our site, and 3) our website is optimized for mobile devices. In short, we have decided to do an entire design and backend rebuild. We’ve hired a very high-end designer and developer and they will be starting right away. Good news is that our current website content is solid.

We created a “How to Buy MMACOIN” document and posted it on our website in the resource section.


Once our new website is up, we’ll move on this. We don’t want to waste the effort with the current site. We’ll start out with t-shirts and hats, then expand from there.


We started talking to various NFT creators to help us with Garry’s NFTs.


The 2nd and 3rd rounds of airdrops were distributed to pre-salers. Some people sold and some are smart and holding for the bonus. We’ll need to live through this. It happens to every token who does a pre-sale and it’s all good.


We submitted our smart contract to Techrate. We are expecting results very soon.

Upcoming Events

Jorge Gonzalez fights on July 23.

Listing on 100xAltbase on July 26.

Live token burn with sycore on the Rocket Bunny Twitch on August 7. Less supply = floor rising.

Community & Socials

One of our members introduced us to the Fight Predictor app, which was fun to play during the last UFC fight. MMACOIN came in 6th place overall in the competition.

Another member introduced me to an up and coming female UFC fighter.

Another member is working on his various Brazilian connections to help MMACOIN.

Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all growing on a regular basis.

The Market & $MMA price

Well, it sucks right now. We all know the market has been in a downward trend. $BTC keeps testing support and people are tripping out. $MMA is directly tied to $BNB (and $BNB trades on the hip of $BTC), so if $BNB goes down, so does $MMA. The market fears, combined with presale sellers is rough for us. However, every single day, we are working hard to make positive moves on behalf of MMACOIN. When the market turns up and the paper-handed pre-salers are out of the way, we will be well positioned to succeed. $MMA moves on air, so when the big money flows in, it’s going to be crazy.

I personally think we have accomplished a great deal in our first month and I’m thankful for everyone who has supported MMACOIN!!!