MMACOIN ($MMA) will launch on June 19

MMACOIN Official
3 min readJun 18, 2021

Hello #TeamHoneyBadger,

It has been a crazy 3–4 months preparing for the launch of MMACOIN™ ($MMA). We are very excited that launch day is finally upon us! We will officially launch on Pancake Swap on June 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. EST and will subsequently launch on Pocket Swap soon after. While we were planning to launch on Pocket Swap first, it has been determined (with the whole team including dev) that launching on Pancake Swap first, then Pocket Swap would be the best approach. The new user interface and BSC integration on Pocket Swap will be available soon and $MMA will be added right after.

$MMA yield farming has ended, and feedback has been positive as relates to the rewards. While the farming process can be difficult (especially for new farmers), it can certainly be rewarding. We understand the new Rocket Bunny user interface will make this process much easier in the future. Those who farmed in the 1x pool will be provided a link to swap their rewards to the new $MMA smart contract. Those who farmed in the LP pool will receive an airdrop (where required). You can unstake both pools now, as rewards are no longer accumulating.

The $MMA pre-sale has ended, and we would consider it a success. The ~459 BNB will all go directly back into the project for liquidity on Pancake Swap/Pocket Swap and to grow MMACOIN into a household name. The MMACOIN team made a decision to reward any pre-sale participants who hold all of their original pre-sale tokens through the entire 8-week vesting period with a 20% bonus. The reward will be included in the last airdrop. As an example, if you obtained 1,000,000 $MMA pre-sale tokens and hold them all for 8-week from launch, you will get a 200,000 $MMA token bonus. Wallets will be analyzed, so don’t try to sell tokens and buy them back right before the last airdrop to make it look like they were the originals from pre-sale.

All $MMA tokens from yield farming and pre-sale will be airdropped or available to claim (1x farming pool) on June 18/19, 2021. Our goal is to ensure everyone has their tokens prior launch. We purposely gave ourselves a full day to handle all administrative activities surrounding the delivery of tokens.

Marketing ramp-up will start today and the first 4 months of marketing is planned with a significant portion of our budget allocated. Don’t forget, everyone on #TeamHoneyBadger is a marketer too. The top Defi tokens have the strongest communities and we all need to work to develop our community into the greatest one of all!

Our sponsored fighter will be announced this week and he will begin to execute his promotional activities. We also can’t wait to see which charity our fighter chooses. Helping underprivileged kids get into martial arts programs is going to be so rewarding! There will be a lot of exciting things happening over the next year with our sponsored fighter.

We are in talks with several other MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighters and we plan to sponsor one of them soon. Not going to lie, the sponsorship process for fighters at this level isn’t super-speedy, but we are working hard to make it happen. More to come on this front!

A very special thanks to everyone who has been a part of making MMACOIN ($MMA) become a reality. Without you and all of our new #TeamHoneyBadger supporters, we would not have gotten this far.

Now, it’s time for everyone to get out there and spread the word about MMACOIN ($MMA). Let’s make our token the pound for pound world champion in the crypto world.