MMACOIN Update: Wild Couple of Weeks

MMACOIN Official
6 min readJun 28, 2021

Well, it’s been a wild couple of weeks, with so many good things happening for MMACOIN! Below is a summary of the activities…..

Yield Farming

We completed all farming/staking in the 1x and 4x pools and everyone received their farming yields. Word on the street is they were very good, especially the 4x pool. To be honest, if we launched another token in the future (i.e. ETH chain), we would not make farming available or maybe just the 1x pool. Most farmers tend to dump their yields right away and there is little advantage to the token or others holding the token. However, for those of you who are hodling and see a bright future for MMACOIN, we applaud you!


We wrapped up our pre-sale with some very nice results. All pre-sale participants received their first airdrop of 20% and will receive 20% more every two weeks from launch until they obtain all 100%. We had a big announcement that anyone who holds all of their pre-sale tokens during the entire vesting period, will receive an extra 20% token distribution. Pre-sale was already used for token liquidity and will also be used for our ongoing marketing efforts, partnerships, listings, audit and more. Every (crypto) penny will go back into the project to ensure success.


Pablo participated on the 1st ever RocketCast, which is Dave’s (from Finance) new Podcast series (part of the Rocket Bunny Ecosystem). The 30–40 minute session covered a variety of topics regarding MMACOIN and our 1st sponsored fighter (who had not been named at that point). Dave even linked blockchains to dating sites and I think someone talked about the Ultra NFT package including a fighter’s jockstrap. Overall, it was a fun session and we look forward to being on again.


On June 19, we had our official launch on Pancake Swap at 5:30 p.m. PST. The opening price was .000365 and quickly moved up to .00059645, before the sellers jumped in. We were actually very pleased with this opening and were hoping we didn’t have a 1000% gain, which creates a lot of upset bag holders, who may have bought-in high. A more stable, steady, launch is so much better for everyone in the long run.

On launch day we sent a formal press release, which penetrated the globe and we received several inquiries about the token, including from CNBC Asia. We followed-up with them and are hoping it leads to a formal video interview. $MMA is moving on air, so when the volume comes, it moves fast. Our token is also tied to BNB, so you should note that the BNB price has an effect on the $MMA price, both + and -.

Twitter Giveaway

We launched a Twitter giveaway, which ended on June 27th. The winners were announced 1-by-1 on Twitter, starting with the 10th place winner, then up to the 1st place winner. A randomizer was utilized to pick each name. Congratulations to each winner! The MMACOIN team will be in touch with you soon!

1st Sponsored Fighter

On June 26, we announced our 1st sponsored fighter, Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon. Garry has a large following, is one of the best and most exciting grapplers in the world and is also the top contender for a world-championship title in the One Championship fight promotion company. Garry is currently undefeated in One and holds endless grappling titles. Garry will be working with MMACOIN for an entire year, with endless creative ideas (e.g. taking $MMA as a form of payment at seminars) to promote MMACOIN. A formal press release will be released globally today or tomorrow. Garry is training hard for his next fight (upcoming date forthcoming), but we’re working to have him squeeze in a 30 minute “Ask Garry Anything — AGA” session. More to come on that front. His initial social postings about MMACOIN are getting a lot of views. Garry wants to engage his followers, so they can really learn about the fundamentals behind MMACOIN (Charity, NFTs, Passive Income, Currency, Rewards, Investment). A meme contest with Garry’s followers would be super cool. Oh, the visions I’m having now. We need to make this happen.


Submissions were made for Coin Gecko, Coin Market Place, Coin Mooner, Coin Sniper, and Gem Hunters. #TeamHoneyBadger successfully received 500 votes for Gem Hunters and we were listed. Nice work all!! Keep voting!

One of the #TeamHoneyBadgers submitted a Blockfolio request and it has started to receive votes. Word on the street is we need 1,000 votes. We have some work to do here!!! I love Blockfolio, so I really want this listing. Thanks for the submission.

$MMA live charts are available on DexTools and Poocoin.

Our Brand, Marketing, and Communication team will be populating CoinMarketCal.

Some of the listing requirements are more stringent than before, which is a good thing. We will continue to push until we are listed everywhere!

With regards to the MMA icon getting added to wallets, that requires us to have 2,500 holders and 5,000 transactions. We will get there and know the process to get them added.


We have begun conversations to get our smart contract submitted for a formal line-by-line audit. This is on our Phase 1 roadmap and we’ll make this happen asap!

Socials and Community

Our socials have become active and we are starting to get true followers (not bought). In addition, our Telegram group has almost reached 400 people. We are getting swarmed with proposals, because we are starting to get noticed. A great community is critical to the success of any token and we will continue to grow ours. This is one of our key priorities.


Phase 1 of our marketing continues. We are calling this the “awareness” phase. In short, we are working to get our brand noticed out in the MMA and crypto worlds. We have active ads running on various networks/socials. We’re also about to be listed on a couple MMA fight Instagram pages. Our marketing plan is being executed as planned and the long-term vision is strong. If you’re looking for a P&D, that is not us. We plan to execute and grow steadily over time.


Behind the scenes, we are working to get an order placed for some MMACOIN gear and to setup our initial merch store. We will likely start with t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. We were handling a lot of other things with the website, but now it’s time to focus on the store. You know our goal is to eventually take $MMA/$MMARewards as a form of payment on our merch store.

Jiu Jitsu Podcast

We have been invited to talk about MMACOIN on an active, Jiu Jitsu podcast. Can I bring on some sellers who constantly kill momentum and put them to sleep? JK! We look forward to this session and greatly appreciate the invite. We will keep everyone posted.

Upcoming Fighters

We will be partnering with another MMA fighter, who will be named this week. This MMA fighter loves crypto. We can’t give out too many hints, because the detectives are too good. I already had to throw them off-track with Garry. Sorry!!!

We are also having conversations with several other influential fighters.


We are super close on closing a big partnership deal which should provide a ton of exposure for MMACOIN and will also provide many other huge benefits. I’m trying to play this down a bit in my head, but the potential is massive.

The Team

Shout out to the entire core team who grinds every day to help grow MMACOIN. A special shout out to Biz for making sick videos and John for his unreal technical knowledge and support (thanks for the sick $MMA chart on TG too). Thanks to Sycore, Mac, Dave and others from the RBE for their support too. It takes an army, that is for sure. Speaking of armies, every $MMA holder and supporter is part of #TeamHoneyBadger/#TeamMMACOIN and we appreciate everything you do to help! We are nothing without you. We have a lot of work to do, but we will get there and we’ll all reap the rewards together!